Interior look at the technology

patented gas burning technology.

  • Gas cooktop without open flames
  • Patented gas burning technology
  • Up to 50% savings
  • Intuitive control Safety
  • Cleanliness and environmentally friendly
  • Unique design for all interiors

Technology Inspires

The “gas-under-glass” technology is a patented solution. Flat ceramic surface and catalytic burners hidden underneath are a combination that makes cooking with gas¹ more enjoyable. The absence of open flames and difficult to clean grills makes these cooktops very easy to clean. This unique gas burning technology helps to save up to 50% on gas consumption, remove sticky residue from the cooking surface and provide for better safety.

Different 30, 24 and 14-inch models can be applied to various interiors and do not require special pots and pans (outside of aluminium, which are not to be used on any type of ceramic cooktops). Additional features include greater savings, easy cleaning and superior safety.

These cooktops have no open flames as gas is burned catalytically in a special burner placed below the ceramic surface. Thanks to this unique solution, temperatures can reach 800 degrees Celsius, which is twice that of traditional gas stoves. Gas is consumed more efficiently, burned more precisely and you can enjoy the lack of sticky surface residues, less carbon dioxide and greater economical savings. Our burners offer the highest in quality and have a 7-year manufacturer warranty.

(1) Cooktops are designed to work with natural gas and liquefied propane



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