NorthLeaf Appliance Policies

1. 20% Deposit on all orders

When the order has been placed, a 20% deposit of the total price is required.

2. 50% Deposit on all Special Orders

Special order items are models that are made to order. We will advise if your item is a special order and
will require a 50% deposit of the total price.

3. 20% Fee for Cancelled Orders

All cancelled orders will be subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. An order is considered cancelled if
cancelled by the customer.

4. Remaining balance must be paid 24 hours before the delivery date

If there is a remaining balance on your invoice, payment is required before the appliances are delivered.
Any remaining balance that has not been paid on or before the delivery date will be charged 3.0% interest monthly.

5. Forms of Payment

Personal cheque: Accepted up to 10 days before the delivery date.

  • Certified cheque: Accepted up to 5 days before the delivery date.
  • Credit card: Accepted up to 1 day before the delivery date.
  • Cash & Bank Draft: Accepted up to, and on the delivery date.

6. Builders & Designers

We offer 30-day payment terms for builders and designers. A credit application must be completed and approved.

7. Two weeks Notice for delivery

8. Delaying Delivery

You have 12 months from the date of the order to take possession of your appliances once an
order has been placed, after that the order will be cancelled.

  • If you have scheduled a delivery date and the order has not been taken within 6 months of
that date, the order will be cancelled.

9. Delivery

It is the responsibility of the customer to create clear access for the appliances to be delivered.

  • It is at the full discretion of NorthLeaf’s staff delivery personnel to deliver the appliance or not.
An additional delivery fee will be invoiced for having to return.
Customer will inspect and sign for appliances upon delivery.

10. Products delivered are property of NorthLeaf Appliance until the invoice is paid in full

11. Separate Invoice for Installation

Installation will be charged on a separate invoice, to be fully paid once the appliances have been installed.

12. Ventilation

All ventilation units that have been unpackaged or installed cannot be returned nor refunded.